The Importance of Being Kind

This is a personal post, but one which highlights what I sometimes think is one of the greatest fruits of discipleship:  kindness. It can be so easy to be kind, a simple act or gesture, but this simple act can have a profound impact.

And so I want to highlight kindness that I have experienced in the past week.  A very dear friend, a sister of my heart, is experiencing a health crisis (and thankfully we now know there can be a good outcome although the road ahead is long and difficult).  It was important for me to go some distance across the country to be with her and her family.  I needed to be there.  Here is the kindness I have experienced from friends and my church family:

A lovely card to let me know I was being thought of and held.

A ride to and from the airport (over an hour away).  And lovely conversation on the way.

So many expressions of thoughtfulness and concern.

Prayers for my friend and her family from people who may only have met her a few times, if at all.

A whole series of comments on a Facebook post of prayer and support for her.  She was so lifted and encouraged by this.

A ride to the grocery store after I returned home and found myself in the middle of a snowstorm.

Phone call of concern to see how she and I are.

Support, care, and fellowship of my whole church family.

There were even the people at the hospital parking garage who motioned to let me know they were pulling out and the space would be free–if you had been in that parking garage you would know the relief that was.

All these acts of kindness have lifted me, supported me, filled me with joy and gratitude, reminded me how blessed I have been with beautiful people in my life.  In fact, there are so many people everywhere prepared to be kind, who act with simple kindness every day.  They offer small miracles of love when most needed.  All these acts of kindness accumulate into a circle of hope and blessing in the worst times.

I have been reminded all week of the wonderful words of our United Church Creed:  We are not alone.  We live in God’s world. We trust in God. We are not alone.  Thanks be to God.

Remember to be kind.  The smallest act of kindness can unleash a river of solace and hope.

Featured Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

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