Living Discipleship: Daily Life and Work

Every day, we witness to what we believe.  Every day, we are ministers and disciples.  Whatever our work, it is a holy calling. The living out of our daily life is a holy calling.

This is not how we usually think of it. Callings are something only given to certain people in particular jobs, like clergy or nurses or teachers or humanitarian workers.

But what if we began to think of whatever we do as our ministry, as being faithful disciples?  We witness to Jesus and to what it means to walk with him as much, if not more, by our actions as with words.  And our calling, our means of witness, may change throughout life.  When we’re younger, our work and life is centred around school and friends and family.  Our work may be centred around the home or volunteer activities.  There is the daily life in retirement, when the pace and nature of what we do alters. Raising children. Cleaning hotel rooms.  Doing IT work. Retail sales. Farming.  The list is endless.

And it is all holy work.

Do we do our job diligently and to the best of our ability?  Do we work and live and relate with honesty and integrity? Are we kind, compassionate and just in our relationships with others at work, at home and at school?   If someone were told that you are a follower of Jesus, would they see him in you?  Would they see in you that walking in the way of Jesus is a good thing, a hopeful thing, a loving thing?  Do the children in our lives, whether at home or in schools or in our churches, see the joy and goodness of walking together with him?

In his book What We Talk About When We Talk About God (HarperOne, 2013), Rob Bell puts it this way:

“For Jesus, it’s never just a job, a conversation is never just an exchange of words, a meal is never just the consumption of food, because it’s never just bread and it’s never just wine.  Jesus doesn’t divide the world up into the common and the sacred; he gives us eyes to see the sacred in the common.” (pp. 183-84)

Every day is holy.  Every day we live out our discipleship.  Every day we are ministers of the good news of God’s love, wherever we are.  Whatever we do.

Featured Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

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