Write It Down

Christianity, along with Judaism and Islam, are referred to as religions of the Book.  Most  faiths have writings, but these three place a deeply significant emphasis on the written records that have come down through the centuries, stories of the faith, understandings about God, and about God’s relationship with us.

The Bible, and the ability to read it, was so important to many Protestants that they formed Sunday Schools, whose original purpose was to provide basic literacy to as many people as possible so that they could read the Bible for themselves.  This was especially true in Scotland, which had a much higher literacy rate than neighbouring England for many years as a result of Sunday Schools.

The Word, and words, are important to us.  They are a means of communication, of teaching, of remembering, of sharing our faith and our spiritual experience.

And we can all be writers of faith–of our own faith at least.  Journalling is a wonderful way to record thoughts, prayers, questions, insights, and experiences.  Recording these words also has the advantage of being available for us to reflect on at a later time.  Is this what I thought?  How do I feel about this now?  Have I found an answer, or part of an answer to that question?  A journal can help us keep track of our journey of faith, see where we have been, where we are and where me might be going.

“But I’m not a writer,” you say.  Journal entries don’t have to be lengthy.  They are meant only for you, unless you choose to share it at some point. There are even “Line a Day” journals, usually covering five years, you can purchase, which allow you to just jot down a few words for the day.  It might be something you prayed about or person you prayed for; it might be a word of praise, a question that came up for you, an insight, an event that nurtured your soul, a moment of lament.  Imagine looking back over five years of these brief lines in your journey of faith.  It would be such a story.

For those inclined to more words, there are innumerable journalling books of every description and design to choose from.  Or you can simply open a file in your computer.  These are moments to talk to God, talk about God, to wonder, to ponder, to question, to tell the stories of your life and feed your spirit.

Happy writing!

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