What Does It Mean To Believe?

In his book The Heart of Christianity (HarperCollins, 2004), Marcus Borg says,

“The Christian life is not about believing or doing what we need to believe or do so that we can be saved.  Rather, it’s about seeing what is already true—that God loves us already—and then beginning to live in this relationship.” (p. 77)

In another place, Borg explains that the word believe comes from the Old English be loef, which meant “to hold dear”.  So to believe means to belove, to hold someone dear, to believe in them.  Back to the beginnings of Christianity, to believe meant to belove Christ—not to affirm a set of statements about him.  Even the word creed, “credo”, literally means to give one’s heart to.  (See Marcus Born, Speaking Christian, (HarperCollins, 2011) for more on this.)

How would faith and discipleship be different if we embraced the statement that the Christian life is about living into the loving relationship with God? How would our discipleship and our expression of our faith be different if we moved from belief as simply assent to a set of statements, to giving our hearts to Christ?

How do you feel about these statements?  What might they mean for your walk and expression of faith?

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